We are getting so close to opening day that my knees are shaking. The sign went up on the highway this weekend, so I must get this website launched. Our contractor was supposed to show up today to put down the floor, but alas, no sign of him and no phone call. Muskoka contractors are famous for this, but it never fails to take me by surprise when it actually happens. Dave is showing up Monday morning to do some trim work, but he too will be in for a surprise when he finds out he is laying the flooring instead.

As if there isn’t enough stress in the air, it is also snowing like crazy, which should not be a shock as it is the last week of November, but I always hope that somehow it will just stay away. Last big piece to get the gallery ready is the lighting, which John is coming to grips with and then we just have to fill it with “art”! We also have to make some final decisions on advertising for the opening, invitation lists, media coverage, John’s photos, furnishings, layout, final touches, packaging, POS and a whole bunch of stuff I haven’t even thought of yet… AHHHHHH! If I get any sleep in the next two weeks it will be a miracle. Hopefully I will still find some time to write, I suppose I can do it in the wee hours of the morning, when I’m lying awake anyway.