So I have to confess, I never saw this one coming. It was like when you see a photo of a house for sale and find yourself wondering how the inside looks. Next thing you know you’re telling yourself, it can’t hurt to take a peek, right? All of a sudden you’re sitting in the bank office signing your life away in triplicate… wondering “how the heck did this happen?”

Our spring has been a little like that. So often we have commented in passing that the Two Horse Gallery would do so much better if it were located on the main street of town. What harm could it do to have a look at Christmas Tyme in Huntsville, which just happened to be up for sale? Golly, could it work to carry on the Christmas Tyme business as well as move the Gallery into one section? Perhaps where the toys were located? Does the Main Street of Huntsville really need two toy stores just a few of doors apart? Could you ask for a better location for the Gallery than right downtown where all of the action is? All of a sudden, there we were in the bank office signing our lives away in triplicate. How the heck DID this happen?

The good news is, we are having a great time. Happily, all of the artists currently in house were willing to make this change along with us. In early May we moved all of the artwork into the new space, which had undergone some intense renovations. The new home of Two Horse Gallery opened on May 9, 2015 and so far the response has been very encouraging and positive.

I must admit I was a little unsure of how I would enjoy listening to Christmas music (for the most part) all day long, but darned if I don’t find myself singing along! I have even been caught dancing on a couple of occasions. Former owners Bob and Tracey Stone have been absolutely wonderful and worked very hard right along with us to make the necessary changes within the store, both to accommodate the Gallery and refresh Christmas Tyme itself. We literally could not have done it without them and many customers have commented on how beautiful it looks.

Also this year, in my spare time, I’ve become involved with the Huntsville Art Society as a board member and am sitting on the membership committee. This is an amazing group of artists from many genres who have come together to revitalize an organization that had suffered some hardships in the past, but with a new and enthusiastic board and priceless volunteers, are presenting many new and exciting opportunities to its members. Highlights include shows at the Signal North Gallery at the Huntsville Train Station, member displays at the Huntsville Public Library (and coming soon to Two Horse Gallery) and the Summer Solstice Art Tour (coming on June 20, 2015) just to name a few. Stay tuned to my blog for much more information on HAS events and all things “art” in Muskoka.