This post is a little off of the usual topic for me, so I apologize that it is not about art, although it is about an artist.  I had a visit with a close friend today who has recently been diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer and is now facing a fight for her life.  This person is one of the most vivacious people I have ever met.  The one I could call when I needed cheering up, the one who would do anything for me if I only asked… and I have and she did.

She hopes that she can channel her fear into something creative.  She is both a painter and a writer and I hope these outlets work for her as a way to make this journey a little more bearable.  She is a daughter, a mother and a grandmother and as Mother’s Day approaches, we who love her will do what we can.  I don’t want to turn this piece into a maudlin rambling but I thought her situation deserved to be acknowledged and if anyone can spare a prayer or two, that couldn’t hurt.  This forum is frequently about promoting the gallery, trying to find ways to bring in customers but today it is only about what really matters – a friend who is facing an uncertain future and needs strength to face what is ahead.  If anyone can prevail – she can, and will!