Mandy Higgs

Self-taught artist Mandy Higgs works mainly in wildlife & abstract genres.  Her primary medium is acrylic because she loves the opaque and transparent qualities the rich paints can give. When starting a painting she begins by building up layers of soft medium gels mixed with acrylics. The paint moves naturally as the layers are built up, giving a spontaneous organic appearance to her work. Subsequent gold, copper or silver leaf reflect her signature style. By adding the gilding, Mandy feels the added luster shares a mirror or lighting effect, complementing the featured subject. This contemporary technique is her celebrated element.  Added colour highlights of iridescent paint emphasize placed textured papers and fuses it with a stunning realness effect.  Sometimes a painting can have up to 130 layers! Mandy’s goal is to use dramatic figurative subjects to create an atmospheric mood in her paintings. The subject provokes the viewer’s memories and invites the mind to experience the unique beauty and character of our homeland.

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