John MacDonald

Born in Toronto, John has been behind the camera since he was eleven years old. A strong interest in light and image took him into the world of live entertainment right after graduation from high school. After three years as the Director of Community Programming for Premiere Cablevision (now part of Rogers) John set off for eight years of international touring with a wide variety of rock and roll acts, capturing images of the people and places along the way. At the request of a friend, John paused to assist with the launch of a new video technology. Following the completion of this project, John fell into Project and Production Management and has completed theatre and film projects in Europe, Asia, Africa and both North and South America. During this time John has had the opportunity to capture rare images which have appeared in trade publications, travel brochures, and on the walls of his many corporate and private clients.

In 2011, John decided to come home to roost in Muskoka where he has maintained a residence since 1978. Living here has given him the opportunity to engage with the community, something he has missed during his globe trotting days, and to re-kindle old friendships and spark new ones. John lives with Anne, his wife of twenty-plus years, on their farm between Huntsville and Bracebridge.

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