It should have come as no surprise that with a name like Two Horse Gallery, people would show up looking for artwork pertaining to horses.  Of course it makes perfect sense and yet I really didn’t see it coming.  It wasn’t long though before I found myself on the internet searching for such an artist who could fill this void.  How the heck did we ever manage before ‘Google’ anyway?

allearsI found what I was looking for in the work of Debbie Goldring.  Debbie hails from Harrow, close to Windsor, and draws in soft pastel some incredible pictures of horses.  The piece that grabbed my attention the most was actually of a pair of donkeys and from there I was smitten.  I should note that the original of that picture, titled “All Ears”, currently hangs in the gallery.

Under the heading of ‘good timing’, something for which I am not usually known, Debbie was about to remove some of her artwork from a pretty large tack store in southern Ontario and was willing to send it northward instead of lugging it all back home.  A quick drive south, combined with a visit with my mom, and I returned with a car load of some originals, framed prints and cards.  So, for those looking for ‘horse stuff’, there will be no more disappointment!

Just-you-and-MeDebbie Goldring has been involved with horses in one way or another since she was 11 years old.  Twenty-five years ago, she turned her hobby of drawing friends’ horses for fun into a business.  Her work has appeared on the covers and inside countless equine magazines.  She was commissioned by the Ontario Equestrian Federation to produce five portraits for the Canadian Olympic Show Jumping Team’s members to celebrate their silver medal win at the Beijing Olympic Games.  Among other famous subjects, she was asked to paint a portrait of the great Northern Dancer, which now hangs in the Hall of Fame at Woodbine Race Track.  She will also do commissioned work for individuals from photos of their beloved pets, not just horses, but dogs and cats too.

Fall Fair horse paintingTwo Horse Gallery is beyond thrilled to add Debbie to our ‘stable’ of artists.  It is one more way that we are striving to give our customers what they are looking for.  But… for the people who came in looking for trail rides, sorry – we do have to draw the line somewhere.