Have you ever noticed that when you put a question out into the universe, the answer frequently comes back in pretty short order?  I have often asked John “whatever happened to …?” and shortly thereafter, that person is mentioned in a newspaper article or on the news and the question is answered.  The same thing has happened when I put my search for ‘horsey art’ out into the universe.  This time, the reply stopped by the gallery – and our newest guest artist had arrived.

Horse fabric artKay McKean has been sewing since she was a little girl, starting out by helping her mother and makingclothing for her dolls from fabric scraps.  As an adult she spent her time making custom wedding dresses until she decided she preferred the freedom to work on her own ideas and be creative with colour and fabric.  This led to her current passion of designing quilts for home decor.  Fortunately for me, she has created a line of horse themed products including quilts, tote bags, towels and saddle pads.  All of these items are currently on display at Two Horse Gallery.  Kay will gladly customize items per a customer’s wishes (e.g. embroider your or your horse’s name on a saddle pad).

Saddle PadsPonies In Twilight horse quiltKay and her husband Stephen reside right here in Muskoka and we are looking forward to showing off her work here at the Gallery.  And the next time you have a question rattling around in your head, be sure to speak it out loud and then wait and see what the universe delivers.