Advertising is a double edged sword – a classic “can’t live with it, can’t live without it” scenario. (Almost as bad as insurance, but do not get me started on that!) As if by magic, people have been appearing out of the woodwork, all claiming to be the right choice to shout our name from the rooftops and introduce us to the masses – all for a price of course. Should we invest in newspapers, radio, magazines, signage, guide books, or (dare I say it) social media? Which one would most be compatible to our target audience of customers and for that matter, who are they? Should we look to promote to the local crowd, or the tourists? The choices and pay scales are enough to make one’s head spin. If there were unlimited resources, the decision would be easy – just throw some $$ into each and every one and see what works. However, as a new business, dealing with start up costs and a slow time of year, one must be a little more careful with making these choices. On the other hand, if no one knows we exist… well we’re pretty much out of the game before we even start. This is what we currently wrestle with as we decide which of the many baskets to place our advertising dollars in. Hopefully you will see our name somewhere in the universe and the investment will be worthwhile.

Also during this quiet time we are working on our line-up of guest artists for the summer season. We have already been approached by a couple of very promising prospects and are excited about how they will compliment our “stable” of home artists. If anyone reading this is an artist themselves, or knows of anyone who might be interested in having a venue in which to display their work, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Even though we are still in the grips of winter, the days are getting noticeably longer and spring will be here before we know it. Folks will be out and about again, summer visitors will be arriving and Two Horse Gallery will be on everyone’s list of places to check out. We will see you then!