Okay – although I really don’t have time for this, I just had to share. Last night, during one of the times I was actually sleeping, I had a dream about opening day. It was fantastic! We were really busy, people were loving the place and having a great time. The only thing was, we weren’t a gallery, we were a bar! Dr. Freud would have a field day with that one. Oh well, perhaps we know what direction to take should things not go so well. I can only imagine the problems we would encounter from the town should we try to get that permit passed.

Since I’m here, I may as well tell you that the workers are back in gear in the studio/gallery. The floor is done, as well as the baseboards and trim and I must say, we are beyond thrilled with how the space is looking. We still have a long way to go, but I think we can actually be ready. John and I perform much better with a deadline and we certainly have a tight one to work to. My father always used to say, “If you want something to get done, give it to a busy person”. After all these years I am still discovering that my dad was a pretty smart guy and I finally know what he meant by those words. Miss you Dad!

Speaking of which, I had better get back to it…

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