Big Changes

So I have to confess, I never saw this one coming. It was like when you see a photo of a house for sale and find yourself wondering how the inside looks. Next thing you know you’re telling yourself, it can’t hurt to take a peek, right? All of a sudden you’re sitting...

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Art Battle Comes to Huntsville

When I think of any artist painting, I picture an easel set up by a tranquil lake with the sun filtering through the shoreline trees, birds twittering above and the haunting call of a loon echoing off the distant, rocky cliffs.  There would be a nice glass of wine...

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A New Year of Art in Muskoka

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and hope for only good things to come your way in 2015.  I have to admit I pretty much dropped the ball with keeping up with my blog posts after we first opened Two Horse Gallery in late...

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Miranda Lane

Our latest guest artist to arrive at the “stable” is Miranda Lane.  Miranda is a mixed media artist who enjoys using a variety of mediums.  She invites the viewer on a journey of self-discovery through the energy of colour, symbolism, crystals and found objects.  She...

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A Glimpse of Africa

Have you ever been curious about far away lands? How about Africa? Two Horse Gallery is very excited to be hosting “A Glimpse of Africa” on Saturday, August 9th, 2014.  Artist and scientist Julie Bowen will be here showing and talking about her experiences in Africa...

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New for 2014

As much as this past winter was difficult and seemed to never end, it never takes long for us all to start complaining about the heat and the bugs.  Fortunately the Gallery is bug-free (for the most part) and thanks to the wonders of air conditioning, not...

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